If you’re looking for samples of my work, you’re in the right place. If you’re not in the right place, maybe you’re looking for the blog or the About page.

Poster summarizing academic paper

Link to poster

Contribution: This is a good example of my experience with presenting highly technical material for a different audience. This poster summarizes a peer-reviewed academic paper that was done as part of my PhD research.

Main skills: technical writing, presenting information visually, Microsoft PowerPoint

Website update

Link to website

Contribution: Make navigation menu more readable and more responsive. Incorporate company’s new logo into the header. Add content about company practice area. Make director bio formatting more consistent.

Main skills: HTML, CSS, responsive design, typography, WordPress

Academic conference booklet

MODELS 2017 Conference Booklet URL (Dropbox PDF)

Contribution: Created schedule/information booklet for academic conference on software modeling, including front and back cover design. Body copy and organization set up in consultation with conference organizers. Font, color, and spacing choices are mine. I’m particularly proud of the events table, as putting it together posed several interesting layout challenges.

Main skills: print layout, typography, Adobe InDesign