You can listen on Soundcloud, or you can search your preferred podcast app for “The TechMill Podcast.”

For about the last year and a half, I’ve been involved with a local group called TechMill. TechMill’s purpose is to support the tech/startup community in and around Denton, Texas (about a 45-minute drive north of Dallas). We have social gatherings, classes, all kinds of stuff.

TechMill’s latest offering is a podcast, and they’ve already interviewed some cool people, including the Director of Fan Engagement at Funimation (Episode 2) and an English major who taught himself to code in part through TechMill (Episode 3).

In the interview, I talk a lot about diversity, since as you know, it’s an issue near and dear to me, and I offer some thoughts about why it matters and what can be done to improve the situation. Also, if you’ve ever wondered what I actually do as a graduate student, I explain it in the podcast.

So check it out, and listen to their other episodes, too. They’re doing great work!

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