CodePen is a site where you can play with HTML, CSS, and Javascript in the browser. One of the nice things about it is you can set it up to load various common libraries automatically, such as Bootstrap and jQuery. It’s free to sign up, although they have paid options available. Here’s a link to a portfolio site I made using CodePen. By the way, if you have any feedback on that, feel free to leave it in the comments! All I ask that you keep any criticism constructive.

The portfolio site was an assignment for freeCodeCamp, which is a free site that teaches people web development. I’m still working my way through the program, but I’ve already learned so much! They start by teaching basic HTML and CSS, then adding in basic Javascript. They also teach more advanced Javascript frameworks like Angular and Node. Right now I’m still in the basic Javascript section, but I’m definitely looking forward to learning the more advanced stuff.

There are so many freely available tools out there that can help you improve your technical skills. True, not all of them are created equal, but if you keep it up, it will become pretty clear which ones are the good ones.

What are some of your favorite free resources for learning to code or improving your existing coding skills? Let me know in the comments!

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